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Re: [pct-l] Food and Fuel and Questions (as always)

Hi Luke:

Parchers Camp at Bishop Pass can resupply.  It's a 12 mile, 4000' climb
from Le Conte Canyon over Bishop Pass, and a 3000' drop to South Lake.
But I think Parcher's Camp will hold your package.  I liked this resupply
because of the beauty of Dusy Basin and the wall that reveals itself as
you climb out of the canyon.  I drove a fooddrop there, and a friend
resupplied there this summer through the mail after contacting them.

I dropped a box off at Onion Valley Campground, leaving it in a bear
foodbox with a note.  That's 12 miles round trip from the PCT, rather
than 24, over Bishop.

I think that someone on the PCT-L said you could actually send a letter
general delivery to the camphost of the Onion Valley Campground at the
Independence post-office and ask if they would pick up your mailed

The campground at Onion Valley has enough spaces that hitchhiking
shouldn't be a problem.  If you had to resupply in Bishop, there are lots
of fisherman types leaving South Lake, and the hitchhiking is

Jeffrey Olson

Luke Snyder wrote:

> Finally, as requested earlier, in a rather vague
> subject...resupplying beyond kennedy meadows.  I have
> been pondering the trails out of the sierra, and do
> not know what is best (elevation gain, ease of
> hitchhiking, etc)

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