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[pct-l] Food and Fuel and Questions (as always)

Great posts all.  I've enjoyed the recent threads
about nutrition.  Any comments to be said on a diet of
peanut butter and pop tarts?  
Lately, here and there, people have been talking about
stoves and what they're taking along.  I have always
relied on my MSR Whisperlite, and until recently, have
sworn on it.  Now...I am seriously considering Roy
Robinson's hot-tuna-can alcohol stove, as it's weight
and it's ability to neatly compact into my pot is
amazing.  The five minute boil time is very generous,
and when testing the two for speed, they are amazingly
close (in heating water).  May I suggest building one
(all for less than 10 bucks, and two tuna meals), and
checking it out.  However, I would like to start some
personal emails with another who has used it on the
trail, and could answer some design questions
(involving maximum and safe output levels with and
without wind) if possible.  
Finally, as requested earlier, in a rather vague
subject...resupplying beyond kennedy meadows.  I have
been pondering the trails out of the sierra, and do
not know what is best (elevation gain, ease of
hitchhiking, etc)  Would someone be so polite to
either send me the digests, or their success/failure
stories on the routes taken between Whitney and Red's
Meadow?  Thanks!
See you all in 40 days!

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