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[pct-l] Trailhead Departure: Stephan Stoddard

I met Stephan Stoddard at the airport today, filled him up with water and
gas and dropped him off at the monument at 5pm.  An interesting guy.  He
used to jump out of airplanes and put out fires.  He has an indeterminate
schedule as to exactly when he has to be back at work, so there is the
possibility, if he can hook a ride, that he will still be around the
southern sections of the trail for ADZPCTKO.  He gave me no idea of how far
he was going during the six weeks until the kickoff.  He is carrying an ice
axe and he mentioned he "hasn't gone ultralight yet." We noticed that his
was the very first name in the 2000 PCTA register at the Campo PO, but out
at the monument there were several recent names, most recent being "Lucky"
who left yesterday. I didn't get much of a chance to reconnoiter the
trailhead area, especially the recent burn areas.  The low brush within
about 50 meters of the monument had been burned, but I did not see anymore
burned areas.  I did not have time to venture down the road to Lake Morena.

Hike on!!  Bob Riess at the trailhead in San Diego.

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