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[pct-l] Smuggler's Run

So the first 25 miles of the PCT are clear of snow at least.....

I went down to the Smuggler's 50 mile run to see how sore I could make myself.
There is a surprising amount of snow in the Lagunas, it seems to me, but it is
still March of course. I was amazed at how hot it was, up over 80 degrees on the

The run was great, and it was fun to be back on the trail with no pack and aid
stations along the way, but running along I couldn't help remarking, yet again,
at how poorly laid out the PCT can be.
    Some miles, the thing seems to be laser leveled to avoid any possible
elevation gain or loss. This means zigzagging around every little bump in the
way. There are mile long switchbacks and then, Bam!,  a ten foot drop to the
next switchback. I'm not whining here, just wondering who made the trail so
strange -- specifically the miles near the border. Just contrast the job with
the John Muir Trail -- the Hauser Canyon hack descent on a dirt road compared to
the "Golden Staircase."

A 50 mile run is hard, but still not as hard as some hiking days on the PCT, I


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