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Re: [pct-l] Hi everyone!

I certainly agree with most of Jim's comments about eating Vegan on the 
trail.  (Sorry, I missed the beginning of this thread, so some of my comments 
may be redundant.)  
<< the "calories to weight" issue can be solved neatly by carrying
 high fat items like nuts and... drum roll... a bottle of cooking oil.

The only oil I carry on the trail is olive oil.  The "flavor" of safflower 
oil, etc., doesn't appeal to me.  Olive oil works in place of butter or 
margarine, and is added to most main courses.  

<< You can carry oil in a small Nalgene bottle... they really don't
   leak.  When I bring cooking oil that's how I carry it (though I
   put the bottle in a ziploc bag with a paper towel anyway).  I've
   taken extra virgin olive oil... I think walnut oil might be a nice
   one to bring also (just for a different flavor).

I use recycled water bottles (250 or 500 ml with screw tops, not those stupid 
"pull and suck" tops) to carry oil --  also water and stove alcohol, BTW.  
Lighter than the Nalgene bottles.

<< Curry powder and chili powder are your friends.

Add garlic granules, red/black pepper and, of course, salt.  Makes any trail 
meal better.  Try a little red/black pepper in your ramen! 

Vegans can have a problem in some town stops, where menu choices are  
limited.  At some resupply points your choices for dinner may be Cheerios, 
nuked hotdogs or ice cream bars.  In 1997, some of my Vegan fellow hikers 
were obliged to compromise their preferences at some remote stops.  I guess 
an alternative would be to carry a couple bags of emergency rations.  
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