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Re: [pct-l] Vegetarians

Some reasonable points, but I'd like to add...  :-)
2. It's harder to get complete nutrition in a vegetarian
diet. Those who don't, succumb to cravings as their bodies
cry out for whatever lacks. Adequate protein for muscle
repair is one of these.
3.  Many people underestimate the amount of food they'll
consume on the trail. In '97 I lost 20 pounds eating 5,000
calories per day while hiking 25 miles per day.
...I don't think it's really harder to get complete
nutrition in a vegetarian diet. Is there *anyone* who hikes
25 miles a day whose body isn't "crying out" for more food?
I don't think it's so much that people underestimate the
amount of food they need (at least, after the first couple
of weeks, they know they'll be able to eat whatever's in
front of them!), but that it's darn near impossible to carry
food equivalent to the amount of energy being used.
   However, it can be helpful for vegetarians to add some
vegetable protein powder to their meals -- I add it (the
vanilla flavored kind) to my breakfast oatmeal. You can also
add TVP (textured vegetable protein) to virtually any cooked
meal. More protein *and* more calories.
PS  As others have noted, peanut butter and vegetable oils
should be high on ALL hikers' food lists.  They're among the
most weight efficient foods available.
Excellent reminder. Nuts of all kinds are important parts of
vegetarian meals and snacks on the trail. You can check
which have higher protein and which have higher fat content,
but really almost any nut will do. I like almonds and
cashews, so I bring them. Roasted soy nuts are also
excellent, high in protein and fat, and crunchy! which can
be a great treat on the trail. I think the original
questioner was vegan, but if you eat eggs, you may be able
to carry hard-boiled eggs for a couple of days (from a
town-stop restaurant). Also, hard cheeses (again, if you eat
dairy) like cheddar can survive for up to a week, especially
in cool areas.


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