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At least two of the lists tend to spend a fair amount of time on 'gear' and 
there have been several requests for a gear list lately.  So -- for the 
"gear-weenies" in the family - this is what we were carrying when we left 
Reserve, NM -- after 2300+ miles on the CDT.  This was a 7-day, 130-mile 
section in the Gila in November, at altitudes of 7,000 to 10,000 ft. with 
temperatures in the teens (or below) at night and 30 to 60 during the day.  
I added the weights afterwards - we never weighed our packs either before or 
on the trail.
Have fun with it.


Jim -  25# base wt + 14# 5 oz food wt

Gregory Reality pack + mini-carabiner
Camp Trails pack cover
1 pt Nalgene bottle
REI 3 gallon watersack
Ridgerest  pad
hunter orange safety vest
1 qt water bottle
Sierra Designs 0 degree sleeping bag & stuff sack
Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight tent & stuff sack
tent poles & stakes
REI Switchback rain jacket
1 pr "fake Tevas"
70' 4mm cord
22 oz fuel bottle & wind screen
Evernew 1.9 liter titanium pot, 2 plastic bowls, 1 plastic cup,
     2 Lexan spoons + 1 gal ziploc
 Scrubbee + 1 snack size ziploc

small trash bag w/ - Patagonia mid-wt top &bottom, Coolmax T-shirt,
     fleece balaclava, 1 pr fleece mittens, 1 pr Smartwool socks,
     2 pr Ultimax socks, LL Bean windshirt, 2 handkerchiefs,
     Patagonia lt-wt bottoms

300 wt fleece jacket
100 wt fleece vest
200 wt fleece cap (hunter orange)
toilet paper & 1 qt ziploc
5  35mm film & snack ziploc
2 AA batteries, 2 AAA batteries, O-ring for stove, camera battery,
     stove tool + snack ziploc
pad of paper + ball point pen + 1 qt ziploc
26 oz gorp + 1 qt ziploc
1 roll adhesive tape, 1 roll Moleskin, 2 bunion pads, lambswool,
     folding scissors + 1 snack ziploc

fanny pack w/ - 35mm camera, 2 oz Nalgene bottle w/ sunscreen,
     1 tube Vaseline lip therapy, monocular + snack ziploc,
     16 hard candy + snack ziploc, sunglasses + snack ziploc,
     ballpoint pen, 2 Crystal Lite + snack ziploc, Pop Tart,
     2 Hershey chocolate bars, 2 granola bars
     wallet (snack ziploc) w/ - $60 cash, $50 travelers checks,
          1 coffee filter, drivers license, VISA card, ATM card,
          wedding ring, phone card, phone book, City Market card

Lunch bag w/ - 1 can Spam, 12 oz jar peanut butter, 1# gorp,
     1# cheese, 1 loaf bread (1#), 2 stacks of Ritz crackers,
     1# Oreos, # lemon cookies, 8 oz dried cranberries,
     4 mayo + 6 mustard packets + snack ziploc, 4 Almond Joy,
     6 Hershey's chocolate bars, 2 Hershey's chocolate/almond bars,
     5 Pop Tarts, 10 granola bars, 2-1qt ziplocs

Wearing - 1 pr Columbia shorts, 1 pr REI Sahara pants, boonie hat,
     1 pr Ultimax socks, Patagonia lt-wt top, handkerchief,
     polypro glove liners, single blade knife, Silva Type 15 compass,
     Suunto watch/altimeter, 3 maps, Leki adjustable hiking pole,
     glasses, 1 pr Lowa boots.

Ginny -  21# base wt + 10# 15 oz food wt

Lowe Backpacker 65 pack
Camp Trails pack cover
Mt Hardwear 10 degree sleeping bag + small trash bag
hunter orange safety vest
orange trowel (broken)
1 qt water bottle
Ridgerest  pad
MSR International 600 stove + lighter + ziploc
tent fly + ground cloth + REI rain jacket + stuff sack
PUR Hiker water filter + 1 coffee filter + snack ziploc
floppy hat
200 wt fleece vest
300 wt fleece jacket
1 pr fake Tevas
1 qt water bottle
tube Vaseline, 2 oz Nalgene w/ liquid soap, small shampoo,
     2 oz Nalgene w/ moisturizer, small shampoo + 1 qt ziploc
maps + trail notes + travelers checks + 1 gal ziploc
writing paper (journal), ballpoint pens, book (New Testament) +
     1 qt ziploc
2 toothbrushes, toothpaste + 1 pt ziploc
toilet paper + 1 qt ziploc

First Aid kit w/  sewing kit, Neosporin, bandaids, Telfa pads,
     2 bunion pads, rubber band, pills (15 allergy, 8 Pepto Bismol,
     2 Tylenol Cold, 3 Vicodin, vitamins, Advil, Tylenol)

small trash bag w/ 1 pr shorts, fleece balaclava, 3 pr Thorlo socks,
     Patagonia mid-wt top & bottom, 4 pr liner socks, 5 underwear,
     LL Bean wind shirt, 1 pr fleece mittens, handkerchief,
     fleece headband, Coolmax t-shirt, Patagonia lt-wt bottom

fanny pack w/ - Potable Aqua, sunglasses & case, butane lighter,
     Suunto M3 compass, 1 pr polypro gloves, comb, Swiss Army knife,
     200 wt fleece cap (hunter orange), hunter orange bandanna,
     ball point pen, 1 pt water bottle, trail guide + 1 qt ziploc

stuff sack w/ -
   breakfast bag - 3 Raisin Bran, 16 instant oatmeal, powdered milk
   dinner bag - 8 Lipton dinners, 1 Mac & cheese,  # spaghetti,
         salt & pepper, Parkay squeeze margarine, dried salsa and
         red peppers, mashed potatoes & gravy, dried spaghetti sauce,
   drink bag - 7 Lipton Cup-of-soup, 8 tea bags, 18 Equal packets,
         instant coffee, 1 Crystal Lite, 1 Chocolate pudding,
         powdered milk, 3 packs crackers, 7 Kool Aid, 3 spiced cider,
         6 hot chocolate

Wearing - REI Sahara pants, underwear, liner socks, Thorlo socks,
     mid-wt long-sleeved top, handkerchief, glasses,
     Leki adjustable hiking pole, 1 pr Scarpa boots

We used nearly everything - but there are a few things we might leave
behind if we did it again - one pack cover, lt-wt bottom (both), "fake 
Tevas" (Jim), spare camera battery, lambswool, some socks (Ginny), 
flashlight (Ginny), floppy hat (Ginny), Crystal Lite, chocolate pudding.

Ginny would carry a baseball cap.

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