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[pct-l] Vegan calories

> I've heard
> others say that getting enough calories for a thru-hike via a vegetarian or
> vegan diet can be quite difficult.  It's very tough to get the
> calorie-to-weight ratio to where you need it using only vegan foods.

From a nutritional point of view, I do not see how eating animal derived
calories has any advantage to the calorie-to-weight ratio. Carbohydrates
deliver 4 calories/gram. Proteins, whether animal or plant derived, all
deliver 4 calories/gram as well. It's the fat that delivers the calorie
punch of 9 calories/gram, regardless if its animal or protein derived. The
only advantages I can see to animal products is that they are easier to
obtain and do not require a lot of culinary skill to get then to taste good.
    As for Craig's request, I would recommend visiting your local health
food store and rummaging through their bulk bins. Try to find things like
instant taboulie that require olive oil to prepare. In fact, olive and
sesame oils should be a big part of your diet as they are great sources of
stable fat. Another good fat source that is Vegan is coconut butter, an
excellent source of saturated fat that can replace butter one to one..Maybe
take a look at the message board at http://www.pcthiker.com where I did a
little thread for a vegetarian concerned about the nutritional content of
her diet. If you come across any good web sites about Vegan trail food drop
me a line. One last plug is you might take a look at the EcoCuisine line of
backpacking foods. They are vegetarian and organic. The web address is
http://www.organicparadise.com/ . Good luck.

Rusty "MyTie" Johnston
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