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[pct-l] Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!
My name is Craig Nielsen.  I'm from Corvallis, Oregon, and I'm hiking the PCT 
starting around April 25th.  I've already hiked the PCT through Oregon, 
Washington and the John Muir Trail and I'm really looking forward to hiking 
the whole trail. 
I've got a couple of questions and requests for advice from all of you, and 
I'd like to thank everyone in advance who takes the time to respond.

1)  I'm looking for vegan recipes for dehydrating.  If anyone out there has 
some experience with vegan backpacking food, especially dinner items, please 
email me at nielsencrg@aol.com.  Maybe we can trade some recipes and 
dehydrating tips. 

2)  Where can I find the most up to date list of resupply stations?   I have 
the Pacific Crest Trail Data Book (PCTA -1997), the PCT guide books with the 
1998 update insert, and Jardine's PCT Hiker's Handbook from 1992.  Which one 
is the most accurate, and is there a current list up on the internet?  Should 
I mail or call all of these places to confirm?

3)  I have a Whisperlite International stove, which can run on unleaded or 
white gas.  Will I be able to get fuel for it at the resupply stations?  
What's the best way to resupply stove fuel?

4)  a) Does anyone have experience using synthetic leather boots? 
    b)  What are fabric boots and how do they work in the snow?  

Thanks again, and I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone on the trail 
this year!

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