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[pct-l] Recommendations for pure R&R

Hi all,

Hope all your plans are coming together and the blood is pumping faster
through your veins!

Planning this side of the pond is proceeding and we're sure looking forward
to the adventure (whilst anticipating mental and physical struggles of
course!).  A few more queries-

1)  Reading the various journals out there I have noticed that visits from
external loved ones does seem to help with waning spirit.  Dad and I will
only get this pleasure once and we are very keen to make sure we really make
the most of the visit by our respective wives.  Can anyone out there
recommend ideal places to be entertained and relax around 25th July
hopefully close to the California - Oregon border.  One though was to travel
to Crater Lake - will this be packed at this time of the year?  Also advice
as to where it is possible (expense) to fly to / from would be much
appreciated.  Again initial thoughts are that they could fly into Portland
meet up with us somewhere near Seiad Valley (SP?) then continue south to fly
from San Francisco.  Not really knowing, are there and airports nearer to
where we will be hiking?

2)  Insurance - I hear rumours of insurance costs and medical expenses over
there being somewhat different to Europe - to prevent us becoming bankrupt
can anyone recommend what type of insurance to get?  Might be more helpful
if any European lurkers could answer this one.

3)  A while back someone out there kindly offered to be a friendly face as
Dad and I arrive in your big and beautiful country but to get in touch
nearer the time (possibly when the likelihood of a certain hike were
greater).  Sorry I do not have the original email but we are coming and
would be eternally grateful to have a place to stay/sound advice re last
minute purchases/food packing/posting etc when we arrive in San Diego 25th
April.  We would intend to spend a couple of days in SD before heading up to
do the first days walk and get to Lake Morena KO party on the Saturday.

Thanks again and happy planning

Jamie No name

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