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[pct-l] Fees climbing once again

 In the Northwest, forest service fees are climbing once again. Day use fees 
will almost double from 3 dollars per day pass to 5 dollars a day per pass. 
Season passes climb from 25 per year to 30 dollars a year. ( Only offset is 
the new pass will cover Oregon and Washington forest) This is fine, but to 
jump a day pass from 3 to 5 is a joke. This is all separate from National 
Park fees which require getting out the check book again. Mt. Saint Helens is 
one of the biggest cash cows in the Monument system, yet forest service is 
closing three visitor centers because of visitor drop off last year. (  which 
unplowed snowy roads accounted for )  Forest Service is going to change it's 
name to " ScamCo " next season. Tax Me Baby!!!!!!!!!
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