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Re: [pct-l] Anniversery in March???

I think I missed the main post but the subject grabbed my attention.  I think
alot of planning can go into anniversaries or any celebration for that matter
with high hopes of it being romantic for the man and woman.  And when you head
into it with all sorts of expectations, you may miss the quiet and special
moments that are all around you.  The thought of camping in a wet sloppy tent
site for an anniversary may not sound romantic but if you enjoy each others
company and aren't selfishly expecting the occassion to be all that and then some
for you and you alone, it could be one of the best times you'll experience.  It's
all in how you look at things and what kind of enjoyment you get out of life.
For me, I'm not a shopper and the simplest things in life thrill me and I think
if I had to spend a weekend in a hotel room listening to my husband patronize me
constantly with "yes dear", he'd be eating Gainsburgers "alone".  LOL!  It's sad
to wait until an anniversary to do something special together.  Sometimes the
best laid plans never turn out the way you want...make them unexpected and
spontaneous as many times a year as time and money allow.  Bed and breaksfasts
are quaint and romantic and just packing a bag and hitting the road to places
unknown can be fun too (unless of course, it's over a major holiday weekend) and
that's when you don't want to leave home without your sense of humor.  Fun and
enjoyment is measured so many different ways by couples but if you can't get
along at home, don't expect a planned romantic trip to make all the difference.
Just my two cents, I'll get down off the pulpit now!  :^)


Montedodge@aol.com wrote:

>  I would be in divorce court if I tried to take my wife out in March for a
> fun little anniversery trip. It depends on the woman. Anniverseries should
> involve a nice hot tub cabin with great food and maybe a little 2 mile nature
> walk around a lake or down the river. If your wife liking to shop, bag the
> lake and hike the mall instead. Say alot of " Yes Dear " and " that would be
> great honey" or your life could be hell till you make amends the next
> anniversery. Pitching a tent in wet sloppy March snow while waiting for
> dinner that looks more like "Gainsburger" isn't the best way to tell your
> wife " I love You". Don't be a cheap skate !!! Grab your visa and make a
> surprise reservation to somewhere " Neither of you" have been be for. My wife
> and I go every year somewhere different with no kids for an anniversery
> weekend and keep a photo album. This gives us something to look forward to
> each year. You can plan to romantic weekend in the wind , rain or snow any
> old time. Thats my advice Karen.
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