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[pct-l] Mt Laguna Weather

The weather in the So Cal Mountains can be pretty tough, so don't plan on automatically leaving your cold&wet protective gear at home till the Sierra.

Yesterday 3 illegal border crossers were found dead of hypothermia near Mt Laguna, and 30 more were rescued by the Border Patrol, most sufferig severly.


On a related non-trail note, it is Border Patrol policy to leave illegals in need of medical attention at area hospitals, then not go back an pick them up when they are released. This way the Feds don't have to foot the bill for the medical care, so the area residents have to absorb it as the Hospitals pass on the additional expense to the paying customers. The illegals get to walk out into a new life. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy towards Washington. Any wonder the illegal border traffic is a hot button issue in CA and TX?


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