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[pct-l] Re: [at-l] Support List? (Admin) and a rant!

On Mon, 06 Mar 2000 21:14:56 -0600 "Ryan K. Brooks" <ryan@inc.net>
> - I've had a couple of inquiries now regarding a "hiker support
> list"...  A sort of filtered down, relevant info/news only for those
> supporting hikers, staying at home, about to leave, etc.
> Thoughts?
One thought really - many of us on the list who have thruhiked or intend
to are interested in what the support people have to say. We may be able
to help those who act as support - and I think many of us would be
interested in hearing their questions and concerns.  I know when
Klipspringer and All the Way were hiking  I really enjoyed reading the
posts from their wives.  I know it can be intimidating for someone who is
not a hiker to jump in to the AT discussions, but we really are a
friendly bunch, and many of us sincerely want to help and to invite them
to be part of the community too.  Without the help of our stay at home
support, it would be MUCH harder to do a long hike.  I have been very
grateful to those who helped me. So my answer is, please don't leave the
fire - there's room for all of us.  

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