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[pct-l] Hello?

First of all I just wanted to thank all fro their
continued good advice on the specifics of the
trail.  Yes I do have a couple more questions.

I'll be stopping at Kennedy Meadows and at Lone
Pine.  Can I wait tell Lone pine to pick up my
axe or should I grab ita at Kennedy?  I don't use
poles by the way.

Where are the bugs going to start attacking me? 
Another words do I need to pick up my tent
immediatly after the high serras or can i wait
tell Oregon? No I don't subscribe to the drape a
net over you in your tarp method.

I plan on shifting my drops around but at least
for now i would like to make it as easy as
possible for my supplier.

By the way for all of you planning yor online
excursions while on the trail more power to you. 
I however will be carrying a small snap camera
and a flashlite.  This will consist of the only
remotly electrical equipment that will grace my

Best of luck to everyone in the final planning
and organizing.
John Kincheloe
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