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[pct-l] San Jacinto Conditions

Someone asked the other day about weather or general trail conditions in the 
San Jacinto area (Fuller Ridge) for some "later date" that I don't remember. 

My point is, the Park Rangers at Long Valley Ranger Station (top of the 
Tramway from Palm Springs) record an information message daily where anyone 
can call and check weather and snow conditions. Although the conditions 
reported are for Long Valley (generally east of San Jacinto Peak at elevation 
8,500 feet), they give a good idea of what one might expect to find along 
Fuller Ridge (Map B-10). Fuller Ridge lies generally west of SJ Peak at 
~8,725 feet elevation.

Just so you know what to expect, I called on March 1 and got the following 
information (all I could write while they talked). Weather was "Fair ... High 
temp was 48 degrees; low temp, 25 degrees." There was 14-inches of 
hard-packed, icy snow. For travel in Long Valley, they suggested snowshoes or 
skis. For backcountry travel, "crampons and backcountry navigational skills" 

The telephone number is: (760) 327-0222. 

Call as often as you like, but it is a DAILY message.

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