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[pct-l] Big bags or little bags

I found that I had big bags when I didn't get enough sleep, and little
bags when I jumped into very cold water.

Seriously, I put similar ingredients into one bag. For instance, if I ate
the famous corn pasta four days for a leg, I'd put all the corn pasta that
would fit into a reasonable sized bag. Usually that meant two corn pasta
bags for that leg. Sometimes I could fit three nights meals into one bag.
Then I put spices and such in another bag. Well, each spice into its own
bag. Dried milk usually fit into one or two bags for a leg. 

I also like having other stuff in bags -- a clothes bag, a first-aid bag,
a tent bag, a sleeping bag. For sleeping bag I recommend a warm bag,
whether big or little. Oops, kidding again. Seriously, I could quickly
find any item by dumping out the 3 or 4 bags on top of the item I needed.
Extra weight and probably not the ray weigh but it's the Steve whey.

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