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Re: [pct-l] Pre-hike craziness!!!!

Well I'm headed down to clean up all the remnants of my last sewing project.
The machines headed for the closest. But there's always that bug net add on
to my sun hat I keep putting off. Then maybe ...

55 days and counting --->

Ron "Fallingwater" Moak
  Wow Ron!
  Although I am kind of pushing it getting all my work in for the year in just three months before my PCT thru-hike, and I did just return from a six month around the World trip in December.  I wish I could have the time to design things and try this or that stove before I head out.  Kudo's Ron!   You've got it all sussed out I'm sure, maybe a little overboard ,but you definitely have the plan set down I'm sure.  My PCT start date is almost an after thought to what I have to do before I get down to Campo.  First I fly out of Anchorage to Chicago to visit my Father who's fighting Cancer thats a few days and then I fly to Denver to set up my little sister with my gear/mail drops, I bounce through LA to drop my pack off at a friends and then I'm in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for almost ten days visiting my girlfriend, and then I jet back grab my backpack and hit the trail for five months!  So getting on the trail is going to be the easy part!  Its all good though, I like the idea of just getting my backpack and going without over analyzing everything like I did on my AT thru-hike.  However I wish I could be making cool things as you are Ron, are you retired at this point in your life if you don't mind me asking.
I only work 3-6 months a year and hike the rest but I'm looking forward to full retirement.
Love to hear everyone else's Pre-hike regime!
On the Path to a greater life......
Dharmabum64- PCT 2000 AKA