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Re: [pct-l] Rebuilt poles

At 12:20 AM -0000 3/3/2000, Montedodge@aol.com wrote:
> If you wish to make your own light tent poles or repair a set of broken
>alum. poles, go to an archery shop. Bring a pole you wish to replace. You can
>choose many different weights and diameters from arrow shafts which are top
>of the line alum. They can cut any arrow shaft down to a size that you want.
>If your sewing your own tent, this is a great way to get alum. poles for a
>hoop design. You can just shove a 6 " green stick in the hollow shaft to work
>as a connector. Arrow shafts can be bought out of cabelas Catolog for 36.00 a
>dozen which would be enough to built two or three tents depending on design.
>( Or just buy what you need from an archery shop.)  Or upgrade to graphite
>poles which are from graphite arrow shafts. Good Luck. Monte
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A hardware store is where I got a small AL rod to insert into my pole.
Total cost was .59


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