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Re: Error--->! Re: [pct-l] Dried Meats and dehydrated Foods

On Wed, 1 Mar 2000 07:00:30 -0800 "(R.J. Calliger
mailto:calliger@infolane.com )" <calliger@infolane.com> writes:
> HUH?? Where did that data come from?? Somebody (hmmmm??)
> has not read the percentage contents on the back of the FD bag
> lately.. All my freeze dried food meals have normal fat content one
> would find "at home"... anywhere from 4 to 12 or even 15+grams
> of fat per serving. In a typical modest meal this is anywhere
> from 15 to 33% fat supplied by a FD meal!  FD'ing does not make
> the fat go away! If it is there in the front end it is there
> after drying. Otherwise Jenny Craig would not be in business :)
> As to "breaking the bank"- 1- Buying in case bulk and 2- waiting
> for a sale got my two months of meals under $10 a day. (not
> including stops where I found a place to fill up on  beautiful 
> greasy
> fat-blast of  a hot-burger and fries)
> I think you have made a lot of good posts so I don't know what 
> happened
> here.  How is Ginny's finger by the way, I never heard afterwards?


Haven't read the label on your FD but the labels I have read don't have
enough fat for a thruhiker - they're made for weekenders.  With good
reason - as Monte pointed out - 150 nights times $10 is $1500.  Times 2
(for 2 of us) means $3000.  Expensive.  Much too expensive for most

Second point - cost aside - Ginny and I know  many thruhikers who started
trails intending to use FD all the way.  Many of them were getting even
better price breaks than you're talking - some of them subsidized by
outdoor shops - at least one couple was getting it free.  Can't think of
a single one who finished the trail still using FD.  The couple I
referred to lasted 60 miles before hitting a grocery and supplementing
their diet.  :-)  FD doesn't have the bulk or the calories needed for
long distance hiking. Some hikers ate two or even three for dinner, and
still were envying those of us with plain old mac n cheese.  It's not
fancy, but it's filling.

If you know anyone who's done a 6 (or 5) month trip solely on FD I'd like
to hear about it.  

Ginny's finger has gotten better - still a bit of nerve damage, but
nothing really bad.  Thanks for asking.  

Walk softly,
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