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[pct-l] various replies to digest

A couple of responses to the last digest:

* I second the opinions on the negativity of the guidebook. Just ignore all 
the whining. Those guys need to spend some time on the AT. Especially ignore 
the whining in northern Washington -- it's absolutely spectacular. Yes, there 
are lots of 3,000 foot climbs, but so well-graded you pracitcally float 
uphill (And this is ME writing that, folks -- I'm the original uphill wimp!)  
Their information is really good though -- being a writer myself, I'm in awe 
of the amount of detail they got in there and how accurate they are.  

* Re freeze-dried: Dan and I have occasionally used a lot of it, when we've 
gotten a good discount (Trail Foods is a really good company that offers good 
discounts and occasional sales). Anyway, I also start to feel really run down 
and underfed when eating a lot of freeze dried. We compared the weight of a 
heavy freeze-dried meal for 2 people (ie: what the package SAYS is 4 
portions) to a meal of one package of mac and cheese (for the two of us) plus 
a can of tuna fish, a couple of ounces of real cheese, and some parmesan. 
Some of the heavier freeze-dried actually weren't a lot lighter. Same for 
some tomato paste leather, spices, and 1/2 pound of spaghetti. (Again for the 
2 of us.) I like having the odd freeze dried around for those awful weather 
days when you just want to boil and chow down. But I don't like trying to 
live on it.    

* Great post, Goforth -- would like to see that tent up close and personal, 
because it sounds like it has the right stuff -- could it be pitched on hard 
ground above treeline? That's always my prob with the non-freestanding 
lightweights, because I like to be able to pitch on gravel in a teeny corner 
way up high. Any one have any suggestions?  I was also very moved by your 
account of the trail crew work. Thanks for doing it.

Karen  Berger
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