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[pct-l] Foods Prices

Of course, food prices are are relative. Under ten bucks a day for you may be 
cheap. I feel 10 dollars per day may still be on the high side for meals. For 
five dollars a day, you can purchase your food at a supermarket, then 
repackage. ( Food will be heavier but the cost will be half, which will add 
up on a 5 month trip)  It's all a choice, lighter=higher price, 
heavier=cheaper price. There's no right or wrong answer, it's just a choice. 
( Just like I'd like to see everyone carry a 60lb. pack, as many ultra's 
would wish each hiker to carry a 20 pack ) Value per food oz., supermarket 
wins. We've all met little spoiled rich kids hiking the trail with Dad's gold 
card "Just in case". For these guy's, money is nothing. If the sky is the 
limit, by all means take the lightest, best food and gear you can purchase. 
Olympia is full of Evergreen college students with VW vans and ragwool 
sweaters,berkenstock sandels and army pants. They look like they live in a 
ditch( and smell) ,but they gas up with with Dad's visa. Cost is high to be a 
hippy in todays times. Total cost of 10 dollars a day for MH food would be 
1500 dollars for 5 months verses 750.00 for the supermarket food which would 
also offer more choice in taste. Choices are Choices!!!!!!!!!!
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