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Regarding the option of resupplying at Trail Pass...
If you resupply at Trail Pass (rather than Kearsarge),
you're in for a longer haul to your next resupply
(probably Vermillion?).  That section of the PCT
(Kearsarge to Vermillion) is great in a slower gear.
It's more difficult and really beautiful, no reason
to hurry through there... just bring enough food!

Another option which is rarely mentioned is to hike
out west to Cedar Grove.  A trail follows Bubbs
Creek to the end of hwy 180.  It's a bit further
than Kearsarge, but not as "brutal".  I talked to 
one hiker who'd done this in the past and he said
it was a really neat place.  Getting a ride from the
trailhead to Cedar Grove might be difficult though,
I don't know.  Plus, I'm not sure what's at Cedar
Grove... Anyone?

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