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RE: [pct-l] Eric Ryback

I have heard that the first person to hike the entire PCT (as it was then)
was Martin Papendick, who hiked it in 1952.  I think it was north to south.
He had hiked the AT the previous year.  Heard about this from ALDHA-West.
Last I heard he lived in a care center in Hillsboro, OR.

As to Eric Ryback, I read his account of hiking the CDT.  What amazed me was
his ability to get along on so little food.  When he and his brother got to
town, they split a package of hostess cupcakes.  A package of two!  His name
came up a few years ago in an investment publication.  He was promoting an
energy producing company in the Four Corners area.  Hmmm.

Beth in Portland, OR

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