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[pct-l] go lite, pots

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I called Go Lite today about there warranty on gear.  I was told they will only replace it if you send it how you got it.  They charge for repairs as well.  They did say they would uphold any manufacture defects.  Unlike Patagonia who will return or replace any of there items despite how you ruined the gear.  The only different is the price, Go Lite is much cheaper for Patagonia's gear.  So I am trying to decided who to go with on my rain jacket and I know this trek will be tough on the gear.  Any other suggestions?  
Also I am looking into one pot to cook and eat from.  I am looking at REI's 9oz. pot, any other suggestions?  
Lastly, someone suggested trying Quinoa from Chile.  The stuff is GREAT.  It has a crunch to it but tastes like rice and is filling.  I would highly recommend you go to a health food store and try it out.  Any other food suggestions would be great.  

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