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[pct-l] Lone Pine

One of the more troublesome resupply points is thru
the High Sierras.  For a shop-as-you-go person like
myself, I've had reports that the store in
Independence, while still in business, may be somewhat
lacking for resupply purposes.  Too, the nine mile
hike and 15 mile hitch don't make it any more
attractive.  Lone Pine seems to be the better choice,
but there seem to be several ways to get there. 
Because of the short hike out, the most attractive is
the 2.1 mile hike down Trail Pass Trail to Horseshoe
Meadows Road, and then a 23-mile hitch.  Has anyone
taken this route?  Was it difficult to get a ride?  Is
this the better option?

The alternatives are to hike out thru Cottonwood Pass
or thru Whitney Portal, which seem to require lengthy
hikes before a hitch into town is possible.  True?

Which is the better way?

Sara B. PCT 2000
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