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[pct-l] ADZPCTKO Water Stash Locations

Last year we revealed the exact location of the Section A water stashes at
the ADZPCTKO meeting. This year we will do the same AND we will post the
locations on the list AFTER the ADZPCTKO meeting. We do not wish to have the
locations publicized any more than necessary. We do not wish the locations
included on a spreadsheet of water stashes.

For someone who is on this list and will not be at ADZPCTKO [probably
because they are leaving a couple of days earlier]please e-mail Greg Hummel.
Greg will give you the location privately.

Why are we doing this? Well, resupplying water stashes are a pain and
bottled water costs money. We have limited resources. We want to help FIRST
the hikers who chose to start the trail on the proper date to make ADZPCTKO
[or just happen to wander in]and SECOND hikers who are on this list. We are
not interested in supplying free water to every dayhiker who hears about our

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