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RE: [pct-l] Questions?

Hi John,

1.  There is no post office from which to send mail at Kennedy Meadows.  I
speculate that a special UPS pickup might be arranged, or you might find
someone willing to mail something for you next time they go to Inyokern.  I
don't know the prices, but I would NOT plan to send a parcel out of KM.

2.  If you've been averaging 20 miles per day before then, you might average
15 miles per day in the Sierra in mid to late June assuming a light
snow-pack, good weather, and a similar effort level.  This doesn't include
side-trips for resupply or to climb Mt. Whitney.  But hey, take your time
and ENJOY the southern Sierra!  I resupplied at Kennedy Meadows, Lone Pine
(out over Whitney, in at Cottonwood Pass), Bishop (Bishop Pass), Red's
Meadow, Tuolumne Meadows, and Echo Lake.  The side trips for resupply were
just as awesome as the PCT.  In my opinion, it was no waste of time. 

3.  I don't know.  I didn't stop there.

4.  Unless it's a heavy snow year, a few days before Echo Lake is where
you'll probably resume your pre-Sierra mileage.  The hardest part of the
Sierra is behind you.  For various reasons, many people start doing even
more, peaking in Oregon.  northern Washington is tougher, especially in bad

5.  I don't remember a charge for packages at Burney Falls, but I could be

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