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[pct-l] Food ,Shelter and Clothing

 The bottom line is a pack provides food,shelter ,and clothing. Shelter can 
weigh 2lbs or 5 lbs., clothes can weigh 2 lbs or 5lbs. The big dif. is how 
much food you pack and water. This is what adds weight big time!!!   Pack 
weights vary with comfort. A four lb. pack is more comfortable than a 1 lb. 
pack with forty lbs. or 20 lbs. The reason is padding. There is a reason pack 
straps aren't made with piano wire or boot laces even though they are 
lighter. A good pack can add support to even a thirty pound load. The trade 
off with a lighter less comfortable pack may not always outweight the 
benefits of a heavier more comfortable model. Greg's point is right about 
carrying one fourth your body weight. I should be able to pack sixty lbs. 
easier than a 160 lb. hiker. The Jardine " Sprint to the next supply point " 
appoach may work for some hikers like Brick, but hikers in the 200 club would 
do well to stay be the tried and true nomal hiking routine. ( I can't run a 
marathon but those who can can't bench press 370 ) Different body types, 
different methods.
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