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[pct-l] Heavy Hiking

The discussion of zero pack weight leads me to go a little further.

When I'm not training or hiking I weigh 175 pounds in my birthday working
suit. Dressed for work with my wing tips cell phone pager etc. I'm pushing
185 as I walk around town. My base pack weight is about 10 pounds. When I
add in my clothing, the items in my pockets, my shoes and food, water, and
other expendables for five days, my "skin out weight" is in the low 20's.

When I'm in shape with 10% body fat I weigh 150 adding in my "skin out
>>>I see very little discussion of this aspect of preparation but I
certainly found that removing
25 pounds of fat makes far more difference than further adjusting my gear

This is an even more unrealistic approach than Ray's Way. Zero Pack weight
might be doable. This is not <ROFL>

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