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Re: [pct-l] Not the days of the pioneers anymore

At 11:35 PM -0800 2/13/2000, Paul Nickodem wrote:
>> It is possible to hike the PCT with a packweight of zero.

>I can't believe you people are even discussing this!  We are talking about
>someone hunting in National Park lands without a license and out of season.
>Sure in the times of the pioneers it was possible but to even think this
>will mean at least ten or twenty idiots going out and trying it.  Our park
>lands already have enough problems with poachers.

A-men! What is this nonsense? However, if you are a real died-in-the-wool
you can go to Alaska and still get some acreage to live off the land on!
Maybe somewhere in CONUS as well but I don't that for a fact. But
plesae stay away from the PCT with zero pack weight!


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