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[pct-l] Who the heck is this Ray guy?

Hi, Luke,

I strongly recommend Silkweight Capaline for the shirt. It is cool, warm
when it needs to be, durable, and doesn't retain odors too badly. And about
cooking in the vestibule, I'd say "maybe" if you're careful, but it's
pretty small. I have the Walrus Microswift and decided against attempting
it for fear of burning the fabric. You've got enough ground area to plant,
say, a Whisperlight stove, but the fabric slopes steeply and leaves little
vertical room.

Original message:
Back to more inexperienced questions:  With one shirt
to wear for my day to day hiking all summer, would I
be happy with a polypro-T ?  Any remarks to be made
about tried and true fabrics (for T-shirts) that wick
well, aren't permanently stinky after washings, and
will last each and every day?  


And...can you cook in the Walrus Microswift's

Jim Bruton
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