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Re: [pct-l] a novice's perspective

Ronald Moak wrote:
> Kelly writes >> "Throughout this trip our baseline packweights averaged
> about 22 pounds" (RJ
> Beyond Backpacking p.24)...  speaking of his 2nd thru-hike.  He mentions
> earlier
> that during the first hike he had his pack up to what he guessed was about
> 75
> pounds as he headed into the Sierra.  (p.23) <<
> Doesn't make me feel too bad. In '77 on our AT thru-hike, my wife and I
> carried a max of 35 lbs each, including our gear and 10 days food. That's
> using standard equipment mail ordered from REI, EMS and LL Bean. Didn't have
> many local backpacking stores back then.
> We'd never heard of lightweight or ultralight backpacking. I just hate
> carrying lots of crap around.
> Ron "Fallingwater" Moak

One advantage you had back then - you went before the days of filters,
stoves, and sleeping pads. That's at least 3 lbs off your base weight
right there.  Most people cooked over a fire and drank out of the
streams. And packs are much heavier now than they were then (unless you
bought army issue) - that "lifetime guarantee" is HEAVY.

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