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Re: [pct-l] Really? ......

>>Does this mean that If I find you stealth camping I can knock the living 
>>SH$T out of you for screwing up MY National park and as long as I don't 
>>personally feel guilty about it and don't get caught its OK? Does it occur

>>to you thruhiking MORONS that "Federal, state, and local law making 
>>bodies" are the ONLY way for society as a corporate body to set moral 
>>concepts? <<

That is EXACTLY what I thought someone would say (not wanted, just 
expected). Ultimately, whether we realize it or not, we as individuals still

have to make the final decision on how to live our daily lives, and what the

"law-making" bodies say CAN NOT be the SOLE determining factor of what those

decisions are. If it was that way, for example, then you better make sure 
that you never go even a slight fraction faster than 65 when it says 65.


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