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[pct-l] The Ray Way as it is.

Let's let Ray speak for himself from the pages of his handbook:

"Obviating a piece of equipment reduces it's weight by a full 100%"


"...the thru-hiker in running shoes covers the trail in seven weeks less time."


"Candy is quite useless when it comes to supplying energy."


"Because thirst is mainly psychological, we distance hikers must never rely on
it to tell us when we need to drink water."

(rely on what? Remember this sentence while crossing the Mojave.)

"If wind-driven rain prompts you to wear your parka while hiking, you will hike
with greater efficiency by wearing it backward."


"If I need it [gear] and don't have it, then I don't need it."

(really? remember this when you lose one of your shoes, or a tent pole.)

"God loves the mountains, trees, and even our stealth campsites."

(really? But the NPS doesn't.)

"The people who survive will be the small, nomadic tribes, ekeing out their
existence upon a stormy, dusty earth."

(uh, oh.)

--Yes, folks, it's all in there. The "Ray Way" is a package; you need to accept
the whole thing in order to make it work. If you don't believe thirst is mental,
then you can't carry a little day pack (because you need to carry more than a
liter of water), and that means you can't wear slippers (because a real pack
weighs more), which means you're unlikely to hike 40 mile days all the way to
    I've seen some of Ray Jardine's first ascents in Yosemite, so my respect for
the man cannot be diminished. But I'll leave his book on the shelf.

--We see a lot of numbers on snowpack throughout the winter: 70%, 50%, etc. I
had a lesson today how fast the situation can change. I was skiing at Sugar Bowl
at Donner Pass when a storm hit. During a 15 minute lift ride, nearly half an
inch of snow accumulated on my coat. It's still storming up there like crazy. A
few big storms can dramatically change what you'll find on the trail in June.
Sometimes the storms come, sometimes they don't.


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