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[pct-l] Ray's Way

> Ray Jardine has a background as an advanced climber. It is common for
> these type of folks to go ultra light, other wise they might not make
> their summit. He has translated this style of climbing to thruhiking,
> that's all. Most backpackers are kinda shocked at how little gear these
> hardcore climbers use, and their crazy bivies way up high in the cold
> weather. Who needs a tent when you can dig a snow cave? Why not hang out
> on some crazy ledge 2500' up a cliff? Fun!!
Hey Eskie
   Granted he is a rock climber and he's used to winging it!  I climb also
and believe me sometimes when your going expedition style alpine climbing
your bringing everything but the kitchen sink.  On Aconcagua we even brought
solar panels to recharge our batteries up at 20,000K feet.  Ray has great
ideas don't get me wrong I'm not dissing the guy but just critiquing his
style of bringing forth his message.  Remember most of us on this list HAVE
all  thru-hiked before so we try a little bit of everything from experience.
I just worry about the first time thru-hiker getting Ray's book and
following it to the letter and maybe getting into trouble.  Ray's cool,
Ray's the Man, but it doesn't mean I could stand hiking with him, I think it
would be like climbing with Reinhold Messner on your first 8000 meter peak
after he's done them all, I mean he would be just this..............
presence I guess.
Hey it's been fun and I will look up that other book "Beyond Backpacking"
and I will see you on the trail during that fifth month plus Jimbo!

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