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[pct-l] Water Woes!!

Just reading this months Backpacker Mag.on water filters. I own a sweetwater 
filter. The problem with the Pur Filter could be it's large holes in the 
prefilter 130 microns verses only 75 microns for the sweetwater. This allows 
more junk in to plug the main filter per given water source. Also the 
sweetwater filter is only .2 microns verses the .3 micron filter pores of the 
Pur. Some bateria can go through the .3 but not the .2. This gives the edge 
to the sweetwater filter being better. But ,of course my friend and many 
special forces worldwide use plain Clorox to treat water. ( carried in an eye 
dropper and using 4 drops per quart ) 
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