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[pct-l] PCT Topo! Routes


Tom, of Wildflower Press, called yesterday. He feels the need to take down
my TOPO traces of the PCT until he meets with Wilderness Press and Jeff
Schaeffer. His action was not precipitated in any way by either Wilderness
Press or Schaeffer, but apparently Jeff's reputation precedes him.

Can you get this fixed?

I referenced and arranged the traces to correspond to the Guidebook's
divisions, a,b,c etc. because it would be easier for hikers to use. While I
can't see a thruhiker carrying the reams of paper a complete set of maps
would entail, a section hiker might well want to print and carry thes maps
instead of destroying his guidebook.

I traced these maps by hand, relying first on a map route that was marked
PCT and second by the route shown on the guidebook. My trace is not
completely accurate as I state in my remarks. It is the rough equivalent of
someone purchasing the topo maps and tracing in the route using the

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