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RE: [pct-l] Esbit costs

Your figures are very interesting. It puts the entire stove issue in a
different light. You might reconsider a butane stove.

My Primus butane canisters cost $3.49 and probably boil 20 quarts of water.
A large one costs $5.49 and would boil about 40 quarts of water.

It appears that one way to hike the PCT is to make small cooking fires as
Read Miller did, basically carrying pre-cooked food, to Kennedy Meadows.
From there a single butane canister would get you thru the Sierra.

This kinda puts the fuel resupply problem of butane stoves in perspective.
IF [ BIG IF ]one could figure out how to receive fuel canisters in
appropriate locations, the 3 ounce Snow Peak or Primus Stoves look like the
best bet.
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