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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #1026

Joanne, jump in with both feet. Anyone can help with keeping the PCT
neat, the right size, and free of over grown everything. I have helped
twice.  I really feel strongly that anyone of uses the PCT should help
with maintenance. Kind of like cleaning your own room when you were a
kid. Anyway, don't let it scare you off. You do what you can do and
enjoy meeting new people.  JoAnn Michael

pct-l-digest wrote:
> pct-l-digest        Saturday, February 5 2000        Volume 01 : Number 1026
> In this issue:
>     [pct-l] trail maintenance
>     Re: [pct-l] Re drift boxes
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> Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2000 14:44:08 -0800
> From: "Joanne Lennox" <goforth@cio.net>
> Subject: [pct-l] trail maintenance
> Well I had hoped to combine my hike of the Southernmost 500 miles of the
> PCT this Spring with about 2 weeks of trail mainteneance.  It turns out
> that it just would not have been very easy to combine them because of the
> location and dates of the different projects.  I had projected a March 20
> start (March 21 was my start last year) so that I could take in a project
> at Lake Moreno and one in the burn near Big Bear.  I was very uneasy about
> starting so early because of the 5 big snow storms last year in the
> subsequent 3 weeks following that start.
> So I have decided to separate my intent to do trail maintenance with my
> actual PCT hike, and make two trips out of it.  Once I made that decision I
> saw that there were two maintenance projects almost back to back and in the
> same area (Barrel Springs North, Feb 10-13, and Agua Caliente Creek, Feb.
> 18-27).  This leaves me five days in between.  Gosh, that means that I
> could just redo the 24 miles of the waterless San Felipe Traverse if I
> wanted!.  I think I will save that one.  But two of my favorite places on
> the PCT are the creek bed coming down to the school at Warner Springs and
> Barrels Springs.  Barrel Springs was my favorite campsite on the PCT
> despite the fact that I never saw it in full daylight ( I arrived well
> after dark, and left at dawn).  But the night I was there ,it was truely
> magical - a full moon, lots of active and vocal flying squirrels, and water
> and frogs, a glen of big live oak trees, with deep oak duff under the
> trees, and with a deep primordial silence.
> Well, at any rate, I have never done any trail maintenance at all, and am
> definitely a little insecure about my abiltiy to grub, and muck, and cut
> and dig for very long.  I am not a complete pansy having help dig and move
> rocks here for our house, and continuing on earth moving projects here
> abouts, but I do it in little fits and starts.  And wonder about how to do
> this in such a way that I am still able to do it the next day.
> Any advice from you older hands?
> Goforth
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> Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2000 14:40:27 -0800
> From: Stephen Martin <troubadour@pcthiker.com>
> Subject: Re: [pct-l] Re drift boxes
> I used a drift box during my hike last year. I had a separate box that
> contained my guidebook sections, esbit fuel, town stuff (like soap and skin
> lotion) and misc gear (like cold weather stuff that I didn't want to carry
> and a walkman). When I got to town I would open the box and use what I
> needed and add stuff I didn't want to carry for the next section. Then I
> would mail it up the trail to the next stop where I would repeat the
> process.
> I highly recommend sending a drift box via priority mail to ensure that it
> arrives on time. Nothing is worse than having to wait for a package to
> arrive when you want to be out on the trail.
> Troubadour
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> on 2/5/00 10:52 AM, Riches, Jamie/CHIL/LON at jriches@ch2m.com wrote:
> > Lots of talk about the drift box - how does it actually work?
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