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[pct-l] Belated Introduction.

Since I am making all of these sudden posts today, I suppose an introduction would be in order since I have been lurking on this list on and off for some time now.  I enjoy hearing everyone's stories and opinions on gear and philosophies, but mostly just absorb and do not post.  Today however, I am stuck in the library and am avoiding writing this memo at all possible costs and this is a great source of procrastination; each and every one of you already knows that !!!
I completed a southbound hike of the pct in the 1998 and have been following people's treks since my trip.  I enjoyed the Pacific Northwest so greatly, I have moved from Michigan and am now living in Eugene, Oregon where I never plan on leaving.  I am a student again and have plans on an eventual hike of the CDT, or the PCT northbound within the next few years, but have no plans set as of yet.
This list has become far more informative than when I lurked some time ago when it was a constant flame war.  Keep up the great posts.  This medium is a valuable source of information and I believe there are many other long distance hikers lurking who can attest to that.