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[pct-l] Fuel, Filters and Ice Axes

   Thanks Ron for the advice on cooking pasta!  ( I'll sure try it )It sounds 
like you used the same fuel as I on your trip with your old method. I figured 
I used 3 oz. per day with my old Optimus 8R. ---Filters, I have a sweetwater 
which I replace the filter once a year. It's OK on a two week trip, but I'd 
want to replace the filter once a month on a PCT hike. I wouldn't say it's 
better or worse than any of the others. Ice Axes----I used an old MSR 
Thunderbird ice axe which is now rare and which had a removeable snow basket 
for hiking. ( great item!! ) Buy a wooden ice axe that is long enough to hike 
with. This way it's not just a pack ordament 90% of the time. Plus a wooden 
axe can be sold to buy three of any other type of ice axes. ( You will be the 
hero of every old time mountain man around ) These are fast becoming rare 
antiques which look as great on the wall as they do in the mountains. I'd 
love to find a decent old Trapper Nelson wooden frame pack with the canvas 
bag. ( top pack of the fifties, before Kelty took over ) Then I could be a 
George Mallery look-a-like on the trail.
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