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[pct-l] Trianga & spaghetti sauce


I used my Trianga alcohol stove while snowcamping two weeks ago. I was
interested to find out how well it would do in low temps.  One morning it
was 12 degrees and it worked great!  I was happily surprised.  

Dehyd spaghetti sauce..  my father and I make homemade sauce, then
dehydrate it as a fruit leather. Then just break it up and throw it into a
pot with your pasta and the water.. it dehydrates and makes the best
hiking meal I have had yet.. If anyone is interested in this awesome sauce
recipe, let me know. 
My dad also dehydrates homemade meatballs to throw in.  I tried them
before I went veggie and they were actually really good.

They sell fruit leather trays for some of the dehydrators--just a plastic
sheet with a little lip on it.  Wax paper I believe will also work. 

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