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[pct-l] Down Bags, Tents etc al.

It is all Rich Calliger's fault. He got me interested in winter camping. [My
wife says that this proves that I am insane but you already knew that.]
Anyhow, I spent hours on ebay and acquired two zero degree bags. [Rich says
that they are needed. Fifteen degree bags won't work. Brrrr. Insane, I
know.] Now I have two surplus 15-20 degree down bags. These were my loaner
bags. I am going to sell them on ebay unless some poor impoverished 2000
thruhiker desperately needs one of these bags and makes an impassioned plea
for me to give or sell one of them cheaply to him/her. [We insane people
have to stick together.]

The bags are North Face Blue Kazoo
[http://www.mountainhideout.com/tnf_bluekazoo.html]. These are top quality
bags, probably some of the best made. True, they are about a half pound
heavier [and one hell of a lot roomier] than the lightest Feathered Friends
so Blisterfree wouldn't carry one but they are only about 3 pounds so Monte
would probably carry two (2). One is short, one is long.

Also, since nobody emailed me about my used Stephenson tent I will trade it
in. Since this tent, even old style and beat up, is better than the tents
that 95% of people have, I conclude that:
1-Except for the few 2000 hopefuls, no one really hikes on this forum.
Otherwise a hundred bucks for a less than 5 pound tent that sleeps 2-3 is a
no brainer
2-There are a lot of closet Montes out there that really like carrying old
heavy gear.

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