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RE: [pct-l] My First Web Page

Tom Rogers wrote:

> Hi Hikers, I've posted a web site that I plan to use to chronicle my
> hike along the PCT this year.  As a prototype I posted my experiences on
> a section hike I did last fall.  Since this is my first effort at
> publishing a web page, I'd welcome any constructive criticism that more
> experienced list members may offer.  Check me out at
> http://home.san.rr.com/tomsadventures/.  See you on the trail, Tom

Mr. I forgot-my-calculator wrote: <smile> just kidding!!!

>> Lovely picture from Whitney. However 68K bytes will take lots of time to
>> load on most computers. Drop to 256 colors.

Rich's reply:

At 56kbits (= approx 5,6000 10 bit-bytes/sec) it will take less than 14
seconds to
upload a 68K byte image.  at 28K thats still only 28-32 secs depending
on actual throughput which is most likely always less than a 45-60secs.
AND if you calculate on 8-bit bytes that is 7000 bytes/second which = about
10 seconds.

Dl this one: its 68k.



So that does not seem like "lots of time to load on most computers" (which
today come wiht a $25 56kb modem. Besides continuous tone images
really don't sit well in gif or tiff format. I would therefore stay with the
68K jpeg and even feel free to do to 128K if you have a wide angle or larger

I will be watching your site!



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