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Right you are!  This is probably the biggest reason I often take the A2e instead
of the P&S Olympus.  The Canon is useable under practically any light
condition - nearly ultimate with a small tripod or prop.  When I get settled in
a camp late in the day or even at times during the day depending on the weather
and my location, I find myself at the edge of the Olympus' range of light
gathering ability.  The downside is that the Canon is quite heavy and I have to
decide on each trip whether that extra weight is worth the effort (and whether I
need a big pack or little pack...oh, sorry guys...gee, after all, I did start
that thread  :)


> Behalf Of Tom Simon

> Those who are camera literate, realize that a limitation of any Rangefinders
> is they may Zoom in on a Buck grazing in a meadow at 9:00 p.m., but the

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