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I had a Pocketmail in my drift box and loved it. Works with any phone,
except a cell phone and was a great way for people to follow my
progress, stay in touch and send support. I also used it to send my
journals to the friend who was maintaining my website for me.

I love the discussion of journals. The one that is on my website is the
"public" version of mine. I found that much of what I wrote on a day to
day basis was too personal to share, and yet I very much wanted to share
my experience. I have not gone back to edit the public version,
preferring to trust my instincts at the time I chose what to post. I'm
wondering if anyone else had the same experience.

> Some hikers in '99 had a personal email system called "Pocketmail." All one
> needed was a telephone to call an 800-number and upload/download email.
> Any Pocketmail users care to state an opinion of it.
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