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Sara and other resupply as you goers,

You mentioned your desire to retain some of your health by wanting
"reasonably healthy food to eat. From my experience with the small towns and
resupply options along the trail, you don't have much from which to choose.
You are at the mercy of the store owners and their concept of "reasonably
healthy food to eat", which is usually profit driven (they stock what
sells). I suggest you bite the billet or look up those long lost relatives
in CA to help you out with the mailings.

> The stores I remember being kinda weak are: Echo Lake Resort (I went into
> South Lake Tahoe which has everything)
You might try going another day or two to Donner Pass (Hwy 80), which is an
easy hitch-hike to Truckee which is loaded with options, including a decent
health food/bulk food store across from the Super Safeway. Hitching from
Echo to S. Tahoe might be a challenge. But of course, resupplying in Truckee
would mean an even longer stretch from T. Meadows.

Rusty "MyTie" Johnston

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