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[pct-l] FW: pct-l-digest V1 #1013

> Hey Monte,
> Enjoyed meeting you at the PCTA Annual Meeting, especially the discussions
> over dinner.  Maybe you can enlighten the list on the Minute Rice /
> Rattlesnake diet you had on the PCT in addition to your menu below.
> I think Steve and I had you beat in the weight department in 1981 when we
> thru-hiked.  I carried a Kelty Tioga frame pack, Timberland Tent, SVEA
> stove, 4 Lb. down bag and 5 Lb. leather boots.  With all the heavy
> clothing and other "stuff", it wasn't uncommon to leave a food drop with
> 60 Lbs. on my back.  As Steve mentioned at dinner (please forgive me
> Steve), he even carried a hatchet (not to mention his two-man dome tent
> for his personal use).  That was when men were men.
> Even though I have somewhat adopted the "lightweight style", I still get a
> kick out of what we carried "back in the day".  Your posts always make me
> smile, because they remind me of how things were, and how much better the
> equipment is today.
> Hope all is well and look forward to seeing you on the trail (or in the
> trail with that massive load).
> Keep up the controversial posts - we don't want the list getting
> complacent !!!
> Eric "The Red" Weinmann
> PCTA Board of Directors
> ----------------------------
> Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 23:22:13 EST
> From: Montedodge@aol.com
> Subject: [pct-l] Food Ideas
>    Here's a great plan for a five month hiking menu> Breakfast= oatmeal
> and 
> milkman with a hefty portion of poptarts. Lunch= more poptarts washed down
> with tang. Dinner macaroni and tuna with poptart for dessert. Do not add
> or 
> take away any idem from menu, period!!! ( this menu may soon be adopted by
> many school disticts and rest homes ) Space Food Sticks may be used
> instead 
> of pop tarts if found, but be sure to check " use before date " before 
> eating. PS  Enjoyed talking to " Eric the Red" and Steve " Caffeine Addict
> " 
> Queen at Portland meeting. They have great humor and enjoyed their stories
> and misadventures!!  Also liked meeting Joe again and his line about he
> meant 
> to order his prime rib " cooked ". Eric and Steve have the sense of humor 
> that only months on the trail or oxygen depravation can bring out. ( not 
> unlike our Southern list members and social outcast Greg,Tom and Sly have
> )  
> Of course, none of the people possess the knowledge or hiking skills that
> I 
> do. ( One would be in eminent danger if using advice attained from any of 
> these people )   Ideal hiking gear should be tent=7lb,14oz. Eureka
> timberline 
> complete with all stakes and hardware.  Pack= 5lbs12oz Kelty Serac or 
> Jansport D3   Boots = Vasque 4lb 4 oz hiker twos   Stove= Optimus 8r
> complete 
> with exploding tank 1lb 9 ozs. If anyone can come up with lighter and
> better 
> equipment, I'd sure like to hear it!!    Monte " I'm so bright" Dodge
> As 
> Austin would say " Ya Baby Ya "
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