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[pct-l] Trail butterflies & clothes

Got my first "trail butterflies" today!  I've been
through this before (AT '98), so I didn't know if the
newness of a long distance hike had worn off and
obliterated the butterflies in the stomach feeling
that precedes a thru-hike.  Ha!  PCT 2000.  Wow.

This list has been very informative, and I thank
everyone who takes the time to contribute.  

I plan to begin my hike on April 25th.  I've done some
desert hiking in West Texas, but have no conception of
S. California weather (other than "hot").  I will
carry nylon convertible pants, tshirt, long sleeve
white cotton shirt and heavy fleece jacket.  Any
recommendations for additional clothing for the higher
reaches preceding the Sierra?  Should I carry my
Goretex shell in addition or in stead of my fleece? 
Any advice would be welcomed.

Karen, aka Nocona
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